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GA-600-2018 - Fire Resistance and Sound Control Design Manual PREMIUM VERSION

GA-600-2018 - Fire Resistance and Sound Control Design Manual PREMIUM VERSION

By Gypsum Association

Enhanced Digital + Print version of the new GA-600-2018 featuring an advanced online eBook that lets you search all systems by Sound Transmission Class (STC) and/or by Fire Resistance Rating.  What's more, it features an expanded section on Sound Transmission Class data.

Price: $99.95
Product Code/ISBN: 9781557019714
Year: 2018
Binding: Softcover     Page Count: 392
Publisher: BNi Building News

Since 1973, model building codes such as the IBC and the NEC have referenced the GA-600 Fire Resistance and Sound Control Design Manual as a primary source of fire resistant and sound control rated designs. 

The 22nd Edition of the GA-600 is being released in both PLUS and PREMIUM versions.  Both include an online eBook as well as a printed manual, but this enhanced PREMIUM version gives you much more.  You can use it to quickly identify all systems within a specific Sound Transmission Class (STC) range and/or Fire Resistance Rating.  What's more, you can download, print and copy/paste individual systems and their corresponding graphics.  And you get complete Sound Tables for all systems that feature sound tables.

The brand-new 22nd Edition of the GA-600 features over 150 completely new systems as well as an expanded section on sound control. Altogether it contains over 700 fire- and sound-rated systems, and over 390 pages of information including:

  • Walls and interior partitions
  • Shaft walls and exterior walls
  • Area separation fire walls
  • Floor-ceiling and roof-ceiling systems
  • Horizontal membrane systems
  • Column, beam, girder, and truss protection systems
  • and much more. 

To maintain industry-wide quality assurance standards for gypsum panels defined in this Manual as “type X,” the Gypsum Association requires that all companies listing proprietary tests or systems, or relying on the generic systems in this Manual, shall subscribe to an on-going third-party, in-plant product inspection and labeling service. 

Additionally, each member company makes annual written certification to the Gypsum Association that its products manufactured for use in systems listed in this manual continue to be inspected and labeled by an independent third-party testing service.

The Fire Resistance and Sound Control Design Manual is published and distributed by BNi Building News under authority of the Gypsum Association.

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