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2019 California Energy Code, Title 24 Part 6

2019 California Energy Code, Title 24 Part 6

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These 2019 California Building Energy Efficiency Standards are designed to ensure new and existing buildings achieve energy efficiency and preserve outdoor and indoor environmental quality.

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The California Energy Code contains energy conservation standards applicable to most residential and non-residential buildings throughout California, including schools.

It lists mandatory requirements for energy conservation in many areas, including:

  • Appliances
  • Space-conditioning equipment
  • Service water heating equipment
  • Pool and spa equipment
  • Natural gas furnaces and cooking equipment
  • Fenestration products and exterior doors
  • Insulation and roofing products
  • Lighting control devices
  • Ventilation requirements
  • Pipe insulation
  • Building envelopes
  • Outdoor lighting

The California Energy Code also includes energy-efficiency standards for additions and alterations in existing buildings.
On average, the 2016 Building Energy Efficiency Standards will increase the cost of constructing a new home by about $2,700, but will save $7,400 in energy and maintenance costs over 30 years. In other words, when factored into a 30-year mortgage with a 5 percent interest rate, the standards will add about $11 per month for
the average home, but will save consumers roughly $31on monthly heating, cooling, and lighting bills.

Single family homes built to the 2016 standards will use about 28 percent less energy for lighting, heating, cooling, ventilation, and water heating than those built to the 2013 standards. In 30 years, California will have saved enough energy to power 2.2 million homes, reducing the need to build 12 additional power plants.