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2019 California Mechanical Code, Title 24 Part 4

2019 California Mechanical Code, Title 24 Part 4

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The complete 2015 International Mechanical Code with all 2019 California changes and additions fully integrated into the text for fast, easy reference.

Price: $201.95
Product Code/ISBN: 12-19CA
Year: 2019
Binding: Loose Leaf     Page Count: 512
Publisher: IAPMO

Based on the ANSI accredited American National Standard 2015 Uniform Mechanical Code, the California State amendments have been assembled into a convenient, single publication with hundreds of tables and diagrams. 

This volume includes the FULL TEXT of the 2015 Uniform Mechanical Code, with all California additions and changes inserted directly into the appropriate sections of the text.  All changes and additions are clearly highlighted, so you can easily see which portions of the code are specific to California.

Codes of practice attempt to minimize risk by specifying technical standards of design, materials, workmanship, and maintenance for mechanical systems.

The main aims of the 2019 California Mechanical Code are:

  • To ensure that planners, administrators and mechanical system installers develop the required competency to ensure that the codes are applied and upheld
  • That standards are set to ensure that mechanical assemblies, materials and technologies are safe and effective
  • To ensure that mechanical installations meet these standards
  • To ensure safety and effectiveness continuously through the proper maintenance of these installations

Avoid violations and pass inspection. Order your 2019 California Mechanical Code today!

This is a fully integrated code based on the 2015 Uniform Mechanical Code®. Included is a free subscription service for all state updates and supplements.