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2019 California Building Code, Title 24 Part 2 (Two-Volume Loose Leaf)

2019 California Building Code, Title 24 Part 2 (Two-Volume Loose Leaf)

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The complete 2015 International Building Code with all the 2019 California changes and additions fully integrated into the text for fast, easy reference.

Price: $333.95
Product Code/ISBN: 5520L19
Year: 2019
Binding: Loose Leaf
Publisher: International Code Council

The California Building Code (CBC) contains general building design and construction requirements relating to fire and life safety, structural safety, and access compliance. CBC provisions provide minimum standards to safeguard life or limb, health, property, and public welfare by regulating and controlling the design, construction, quality of materials, use and occupancy, location, and maintenance of all buildings and structures and certain equipment. Matrix Adoption tables are provided at beginning of every chapter in Part 2 to indicate which chapters and sections are adopted by state agencies (for application to their respective occupancies).

This 2-volume set contains the complete text of the 2015 International Building Code®, along with all California changes and additions added to the text in place. All such changes and additions are clearly highlighted, so you can instantly see what portions of the code are specific to California.  The CBC includes:

Title 24, Part 8 California Historical Building Code (CHBC): contains regulations of the State Historical Building Safety Board. Provisions contained in the CHBC provide for the preservation, restoration, rehabilitation, relocation, or reconstruction of buildings or structures designated as qualified historical buildings or properties. The CHBC contains alternative solutions for the preservation of qualified historical buildings or properties, to provide access for persons with disabilities, to provide a cost-effective approach to preservation, and to provide for the reasonable safety of the occupants or users.
Title 24, Part 10 California Building Standards Commission (CBSC): adopts certain provisions of the International Existing Building Code, Appendix Chapter A1, Seismic Strengthening Provisions for Unreinforced Masonry Bearing Wall Buildings.

As with the 2015 International Building Code, this new edition of the CBC incorporates important changes in requirements regarding:

  •     Steel framing
  •     Automatic sprinkler systems
  •     Carbon monoxide alarms
  •     Blocking of high-heel trusses
  •     Photovoltaic solar panels
  •     Horizontal building separation

Included is a free subscription service for all state updates and supplements. Effective Date: January 1, 2017.